Seedling Baby Multi-Fit Pocket Nappy



Type: Pocket Nappy

Use: Day & Night

Team with: A booster for heavy wetters or night time use.


Fluff: Pretty Fluffy

Thirst: ★★★★☆

Containment: Total Fortress

Drying Speed: ✹✹✹✹☼

Difficulty: Average


Overall Pickle Rating: ✓✓✓✓

One little pickle's mummy says: seedling baby quickly became a favourite in this house for our heavy wetter! The double gusset is amazing for containment and the diversifold insert dries really fast, but still absorbs as well as a slower drying, thicker natural fibre insert would - and compression leaks are not a problem! This is one of the nappies we use when we know we might not be able to change for a while, or for long car journeys!
The booster being wrapped in the diversifold makes this nappy really easy to boost and, while the microfibre booster can be swapped out for anything else, we find we rarely need to use anything else.
This nappy can also be snapped up very small, and is narrower between the legs so it really can fit a range of sizes!


The seedling baby pocket nappy comes with a soft breathable waterproof outer cover, a bamboo prefold and a microfibre booster, which can be used together or individually depending on your child’s needs and the size setting of the nappy.

A wide crotch makes it easy to insert the boosters and wide wings makes it a good fit for larger babies and toddlers, without compromising on a fantastic fit for newborns and petite babies.

A super comfy nappy means a happy baby and the Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy has a comfortable elasticised waist and an ultra soft, suedecloth inner layer which which acts as a moisture barrier by pulling urine through to the absorbent boosters and away from the skin.

The close fitting twin gussets prevent leakages, which are a big plus for sanity.

A one-size-fits-most design with three sets of snaps means that Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappies fit most babies from birth through toilet training.

Designed to fit most babies between approximately 4 and 16 kg. 

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