Cloth Nappy Acronyms Explained

AIO - All In One - the nappy has absorbency sewn in - it is attached to the waterproof part of the nappy

AI2 - All In 2 - the waterproof wrap is separate from the absorbent part of the nappy - it might be attached by poppers or velcro. A true AI2 has a shell that can be reused with fresh inserts 3-4 times before being washed (as long as baby hasn’t pooped) - just wipe the inside of the wrap down after removing the wet insert. Some hybrid nappies claim to be AI2, but the shell has a lining that means it really needs to be washed after every use.

SIO - Snap In One - a waterproof wrap with a snap-in insert.

BTP - Birth to Potty - the nappy will have various rise and waist settings that mean it can fit a wide range of sizes of babies; so should grow with the baby and hopefully last until they potty train! Each nappy comes with a guide range of weights, so check those if you have a very small or large baby!

OSFM - One Size Fits Most - similar to Birth to Potty in that is should fit a large range of babies

NAIO - Natural All In One (an All in One nappy made by the brand Thirsties with absorbency made of hemp and cotton)

QD - Quick Dry (an All in One nappy made by the brand Little Lovebum with absorbency made from brown coffee fibre)

ED - Every Day (an All in One nappy made by the brand Little Lovebum with absorbency made from hemp and bamboo)

OTB - On The Bum - terminology used by cloth nappy fanatics in phrases such as “I can’t wait to get this nappy OTB”!


Acronyms often seen on selling sites:

DISO - Desperately In Search Of - an old or rare print that someone is desperate to find!

ISO - In Search Of - often posted on nappy selling sites to make clear the poster is seeking some items rather than selling them.

EUC - Excellent Used Condition
VGUC - Very Good User Condition
GUC - Good Used Condition

RTB - Right To Buy - you can join a ballot to be picked to have the right to buy an item

DOND - Deal or No Deal - an item for sale where the seller is open to offers, to which they will reply with “deal” or “no deal”

HTF - Hard To Find - limited edition or discontinued prints that are often highly sought after

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