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Welcome to Two Little Pickles!

My name is Jess and I have two young daughters with my husband Mike. Both our girls are in reusable nappies, and they are the inspiration behind this company.

Reusable nappies have become a massive passion of mine, and I’d love to pass on some of my knowledge and experience to you. Please do feel free to drop me a message if you’d like any help or advice, I am always here to help.

Much Love x

Nappy Lingo

  • All in Ones (AIO’s)

    All in ones are just that – similar to what a disposable nappy looks like, you simply take it off the shelf and pop it on baby’s bum. Lots of all in one nappies have space for boosters to be added, to provide extra absorbency.

  • All in Twos (AI2’s)

    All in two nappies have the outer wrap to provide the waterproof layer, and an absorbent inner which poppers into the wrap. All in two’s provide a slightly more cost effective system, as you can reuse the wrap part of the nappy up to three or four time if it’s not soiled, before changing it for another one. Simply unsnap the inner and snap a new one in at changing time!

  • Pocket Nappies

    Pocket nappies have an outer shell and inserts which provide the absorbency part of the nappy. The inserts can be stuffed in advance, so when it comes to changing your little one it’s as easy as an all in one nappy.

  • Two Parters

    A two part nappy system consists of a fitted absorbent nappy, fastened with either a nappy nippa, popper snaps or Velcro, and then a waterproof wrap fastened over the top. Two part nappies are most commonly used for night time as they’re super absorbent. A two part system can also be used with the traditional terry squares folded and fastened, with a wrap over the top.

  • Wraps

    Wraps are the waterproof layer that goes over a two part system. These are usually made of PUL, or wool wraps can also be very effective.

  • Liners

    The use of liners comes down to personal preference. When your little one is a baby solely on milk, all their poop is water soluble and so can go straight into your washing machine with no problems. When you start weaning you’ll have to remove any solids from the nappy before putting it in the bucket or wet bag. Liners can help with removing solids from the nappy, and they are also made of fleece which wicks away moisture from your baby’s skin, helping to keep them feeling dry. Paper (disposable) liners are also commonly used, although these can have a tendency to bunch up inside the nappy and not catch much. They also don’t provide the benefit of wicking moisture away. Please note, no paper liners are flushable, they’d need to be disposed of.

  • Boosters

    Boosters are used to add absorbency to your nappies. They can be placed into a pocket of a pocket nappy or all in one, or used on the outside of a two part nappy before the wrap is put over the top. In order of absorbency:
    1/ Microfibre/Charcoal Microfibre – Least absorbent but absorbs quickly
    2/ Cotton & Bamboo
    3/ Hemp – most absorbent

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