Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap



Type: Wrap

Use: Day & Night

Team with: Have a look at our fitted nappies for something absorbent to go underneath these beautiful wraps! Or even use with flats & prefolds.


Fluff: Super-Slim Fluff/Slim Fluff

Thirst: N/A

Containment: Total Fortress

Drying Speed: ✹✹✹✹✹

Difficulty: Easy Peasy


Overall Pickle Rating: ✓✓✓✓

One Little Pickle’s Mummy says: We absolutely love our Seedling Baby wraps, as, aside from the ridiculously gorgeous prints, they’re so versatile and absolutely unbeatable for us with the double gusset for containment. We use them over Buttons cotton flats, prefolds, pocket nappy inserts, night nappies and terries - these wraps are just brilliant all rounders! The staggered poppers make it easy to get a customised fit on the waist and legs independently, and the soft bindings mean they’re gentle on the little pickles skin too!

The Seedling Baby Cómodo is a perfect one-size fits most nappy cover that will last to toilet training. Comfortable for baby, convenient for you.

Deisgned to fit most babies between approximately 4 and 16 kg, this Seedling Baby wrap has poppers on the front to adjust the rise. Perfect for use over a fitted nappy, flats, prefolds or terries.

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