Pumpkin & Pickle Tencel Preflat Nappy Onesize


Pumpkin and Pickle preflats are an innovative design. Made from Tencel and cotton jersey these preflat nappies are stretchy, slim and wonderfully absorbent.

They are a one size fits most, but on the generous size so will still fit larger toddlers comfortably, offering great longevity. Wings can be folded back on themselves to reduce the rise for smaller babies.

Our unique design with diagonal wings ensures great bum coverage. The tapered front reduces bulk between the legs. They can be folded in multiple ways to distribute the absorbency at the front or in the middle depending on where your child needs it most. The attached booster ensures maximum absorbency without compromising drying time.

Offering all the benefits of flat nappies without needing to learn any folds, preflats really are as simple as it gets!

Fasten with a nippa and pair with a pull up or fitted cover for an excellent nappy solution day or night. 

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