Mama Designs Reusable Sanitary Pads - Light (Pack of 3)


These Reusable and Washable Sanitary Pads (light) by Mama Designs are soft and comfortable to wear. With 3 sanitary pads in each pack they are slim yet still extremely absorbent, they are easy to store and care for as they fold up into themselves and popper shut. Easy to use, they popper into tight fitting underwear and once in place they won’t budge or leak. The light pads are an ideal pantyliner for everyday use or light menstrual flow.

Sanitary Pads (light)
These washable sanitary pads are super soft, slim and comfortable, they are absorbent and
reliable with a waterproof backing. Save a fortune versus disposables and do your bit for the planet.

Mama Designs eco range products are all designed to encourage people to make the switch from a disposable to a reusable product. By making them soft, comfortable, easy to use and care for we hope to make reusable products the norm.

Menstrual Pad
14cm x 15cm x3 cm
Soft and comfortable
Slim and discreet
Waterproof backing
3 sanitary pads in each pack
BPA Free

Which size?
Mini for light flow or as a pantyliner
Regular for normal flow
Maxi for heavy, maternity or overnight

Care instructions
Rinse after use before you wash them. This will help to ensure they wash as best as possible. Do not use fabric softener.
You can wash the wipes up to 40 degrees.

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