Little Lamb Cotton Fitted Nappy


Pickle Rating

Type: Fitted (Requires a wrap)
Use: Day & Night
Team with: Wrap
Fluff: Pretty Fluffy
Thirst: ★★★☆☆
Containment: Keeps Most In
Drying Speed: ✹✹☼☼
Difficulty: Easy Peasy
Overall Pickle Rating: ✓✓✓
One little pickle's mummy says: We used Little Lamb in size 1 and 2. These are very easy to put on baby and paired with a little lamb double gusset wrap it is a pretty bomb proof option. So easy that childcare options or cloth newbies can manage this with no hassle. Often these are paired with little lamb boosters which really help to up their absorbency. Pairing with a fleece liner will help wick moisture away from babies skin. Drying time can be a little slow. Would recommend these for light-average wetters. Our average wetter needed an extra booster to make it last all night (10+ hours) These are a cost effective option compared to many other nappies on the market and their boosters are amazingly thirsty (many people use them to boost all their nappies!) Super soft on the skin leaving no sock marks with a well fitting wrap.


LittleLamb cotton nappies were first introduced over sixteen years ago. 

They work out very, very cheap on cost-per-wear basis. We have had feedback from parents who have put our standard cotton nappies through five babies and then sold them on.  

If you plan on having just two babies you will be paying just 2p a nappy change (and that includes laundry costs) and after you've finished you may still be able to recoup some money on eBay!

They are built to last in a throwaway age.

Size 1 fits babies from around 9lbs - 20lbs (4kgs - 9kgs)

The size 2 fits babies from around 18lbs-35lbs (9kgs -16kgs)

LittleLamb nappies are also available in size 3 which fits from 35lbs/16kgs. We sell very few size 3's as most babies are dry before they need them.

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