Bright Bots 70cm Muslin Squares - 6 Pack


Pickle Rating

Type: Flat Nappy
Use: Day & Night for newborns
Team with: Wrap
Fluff: Super Slim Fluff
Thirst: ★★★☆☆
Containment: Keeps Most In
Drying Speed: ✹✹✹✹✹
Difficulty: Average/Bit Fiddly (fold dependent)
Overall Pickle Rating: ✓✓✓✓✓
One little pickle's mummy says: we love our Muslins. We used these exclusively on our little one when he was a newborn until around 7/8 weeks old. They’re perfect for the early days as you go through so many changes, they’re pretty absorbent for newborns and can always be boosted when they get a little older. They also dry super quick, probably the quickest we own, and now our little one is older they’re great folded as a booster in a pocket nappy too. Difficulty is fold dependent, as is containment, but you don’t need to do a fancy fold if you don’t want to, a simple pad fold and placed in the wrap does the perfect job. We’ll definitely be using these again if we have another baby, and they have plenty of other uses once they’re no longer needed too.


6 pack of 70x70cm coloured squares made of 100% cotton muslin. Along with cloth nappies, they make great mopping up towels, burping cloths & comforters.

Team with a nappy nippa and a wrap for one of the most cost effective ways of cloth nappying a newborn!

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