Brainy Bums Popket Nappy (Pocket/Ai2)


Introducing the new Brainy Bums 'Popket' nappies. These nappies are a cross between an all in two nappy and a pocket nappy - you can either stuff the inserts into the pocket, or you can snap them into the shell and stuff the front of the inserts under the tummy panel. 

Available in 5 beautiful prints, these Brainy Bums are super slim, yet super absorbent nappies. They come with two inserts which snap together, one is a 5 layer bamboo snake insert which can be folded in half or folded to adjust the absorbency to where your baby needs it most, and the other is a 5 layer bamboo booster. They have an external double gusset for super containment, and tummy elastic for a great fit.

The hip snaps on these Brainy Bums nappies are female, so if you have a chunky baby that doesn't require the hip snap, it won't sit against their skin and cause rubbing.

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