Anavy Fitted Onesize Nappy


Soft, trim and super absorbent fitted nappy that grows with your baby. There are two bamboo inserts included, making the nappy very versatile for day and night use. Gentle elastics around the legs and waist prevent any leaks. Made in the Czech republic since 2009.

The nappy fits babies from 4 kg to approx. 15 kg.

How to use
This fitted nappy requires a waterproof cover. We recommend using only one insert for babies under 6 kg or even the nappy on its own. Gradually add absorbency as your baby grows.


Type: Fitted (Requires a wrap)
Use: Night
Team with: Check out our range of wraps here

Fluff: Pretty Fluffy
Thirst: ★★★★★
Containment: Total Fortress
Drying Speed: ☀☀
Difficulty: Average
One little pickle's mummy says- these have fast become our favourite night nappy. It’s a very soft flexible nappy which looks very comfy for babies to sleep in. It’s got a range of poppers to allow for a great fit and the containment is brilliant thanks to the leg “frills”.
Two bamboo boosters are included which increase absorbency significantly without adding too much bulk, they can be removed and dried separately to speed up drying time.
It’s a longish nappy, which is narrower between the legs than others. It sits flat on baby which makes it easy to put night wraps over the top. 
Although most suited as a night nappy, I’d also recommend this nappy for long car journeys due to the fantastic absorbency. I feel it wouldn’t be a “daytime” nappy as the bulk would make clothes difficult to fit over the top.

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