Agreena Reusable Food Wraps - Baking Sheets


Agreena reusable wrap products replace a whole range of disposable products. It replaces aluminium foil, it also replaces backing paper. On top of that, it also replaces cling film. All in with only one product: agreena reusable wraps. We have two versions to chose from.

First of all the agreena 3in1 Combo Pack. It contains 4 silicone wraps, 2 of them are small and 2 of them are large. Furthermore, these two sizes are perfect for sealing bowls big and small and wrapping food items for lunches or for keeping food fresher for longer.

Secondly, the agreena bakers sheets which have the same wrapping and sealing qualities. However, they are shaped to fit a baking tray and are safe for cooking. In addition, they can withstand temperatures up to 230 Grad celsius.

Also, both products contain 100% PLATINUM FOOD GRADE SILICONE. Most importantly, they succeeded the test by SGS where the film was heated to 100 degrees for 6 hours with olive oil applied as a stimulant. Above all, tt passed with zero off-gassing and remained completely inert.

Agreena reusable wrap baking sheets
Made from 100% platinum silicone, this non-toxic eco film can be used for cooking with no off-gassing or funny smells. Furthermore use it as the perfect non stick surface for all sorts of baking applications. You can also cover dishes to prevent food from drying out. Hence, no more need for tin foil or baking paper with Agreena 3in1 Bakers. Above all, they withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees celsius.

food grade silicone wrap
2 large wraps 45 x 30cm
100% platinum food grade silicone
withstand temperatures of 230 degrees celsius
replaces baking paper, aluminium foil and cling film
tested for food safety
not tested on animals
non toxic
responsibly made
Note on packaging
The outer packaging is a cardboard tube. However, the product itself comes with a one off plastic backing sheet which are a critical part of the manufacturing process. However, the good news is that this is done on a PET1 backing sheet which means that it is recyclable. Above all, we believe, the amount of cling film, aluminium foil and baking paper saved is a lot bigger then the one off backing sheet.

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